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Contacting a Sexual Assault Centre

As a victim of sexual violence, you can contact a Centre 7 days a week. The Centres are also available by email or phone. Do you need urgent help or are you in danger? Call 112!

How can you reach a Sexual Assault Centre? 

On this map you can see where the Centres are located: by clicking on a house, the contact details will appear.

What a Centre can do for a victim and whether or not you need an appointment depends on how long ago the sexual violence took place. Via the help seeker you can find more information depending on your specific situation.  

Another question? 

For general questions about the (operation of the) Sexual Assault Centres, please contact the Institute for the equality of women and men.

Send an email

  • 1712 is a helpline for citizens who have a question about violence, abuse and child abuse. 1712 is available for both minors and adults. Help is free and anonymous. You can reach 1712 by phone, email or chat every working day.


    The chat is open on:

    Monday: 13h – 17h & 18h – 22h

    Tuesday: 13h – 17h & 18h – 22h 

    Wednesday: 13h – 17h & 18h – 22h

    Thursday: 13h – 17h & 18h – 22h



    The chat is closed on legal holidays.

  • Nupraatikerover.be is a chat box for minors who have questions about or are victims of abuse, neglect or sexual violence.

    You can also email info@nupraatikerover.be. Help is free and anonymous.


    The chat is open on:

    Monday: 19h – 22h 

    Tuesday: 19h – 22h  

    Wednesday: 14h – 18h & 19h – 22h

    Thursday: 19h – 22h 

    Friday: 14h – 17h

    The chat is closed on Friday nights,
    weekends and public holidays.